Providing community based birth care since 2001.

Just some of the many babies we've been honored to help to earth through birth!

What is community birth care? Well, imagine for a moment that YOU are the center of your pregnancy. All of the options are available, cafeteria-style, at your fingertips. Your prenatal visits last an hour or more and your provider comes to your home on your schedule. Your older children, partner and even your pets get their questions answered. Nothing is done that doesn't feel one hundred percent right to you. You call the shots. You can have a home birth in water, or a hospital birth where you are fully empowered.

Now, don't imagine. Recognize that it's real. And your insurance most likely covers it!

Why do we use the word "sacred?"

 We believe that all of women’s transitions are sacred according to the non-religious definition of the word:
“highly valued and important : deserving great respect.”