Here at Sacred Transitions, we believe your birth is unique and special. We strive to provide supportive medical and non-medical care for the childbearing year in all settings. We are based in the Monadnock region, live here, and provide care to women throughout south-western NH, north-central MA and southern VT. The following are just some of the services we offer:

  • Homebirth midwifery care
  • Waterbirth
  • VBAC homebirth
  • Prenatal care in your own home (each appointment is an hour long!)
  • Postpartum consultation and lactation help
  • Childbirth education
  • Herbal and nutritional healing consultation
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Blessingways (an alternative to the consumerism of a baby shower)
  • Henna art for pregnancy
  • Belly casting
  • Birth doula support for birth in any setting (including hospital)
  • Postpartum doula support for singles or multiples
  • Menopause consultation

Most insurance is accepted for our medical care, including Well Sense/Medicaid.

Katie O'Day, NHCM, LM, CPM

Katie has been involved with welcoming babies since the birth of her firstborn daughter in 2001. Her experience birthing her own child opened her eyes to the amazing strength of women and the resiliency and awe of babies. Though raised by a pediatric nurse and general practice surgeon, the world of midwifery was unknown to her until she had her first child with a midwife.
Realizing that midwifery was her calling, Katie trained to become a Bradley Method teacher, lactation educator and birth doula. She quickly enrolled in midwifery school, hoping to help families have the same peaceful experience she had with her own labors and births. After seven years of midwifery school, Katie graduated from the National Midwifery Institute in Vermont and passed her NARM exam in 2008.
Her national certification opened the door to becoming a licensed midwife. Katie has since worked in California, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. She has attended over 650 deliveries and has been involved in over a thousand births. She has attended women of all walks of life and has supported a wide variety of options and opportunities.
In her spare time, Katie likes to hike, study phytotherapy, write and paint. She lives with her two children and her husband in Fitzwilliam NH.

What Others Have Said

"On our big day, you were there to support us through all of the peaks and valleys that came along with 39 hours of labor. You have an intrinsic quality of calmness, dedication and a way of explaining that helped put us at ease through all of the hecticness. Once we finally brought little Michael home from the hospital, you were still there for us, answering our first time mommy and daddy questions, always being patient and reassuring. We are so thankful that you were with us on our journey."

-Tammy, Ben and baby Michael


"I can't thank you enough for all the support you offered us that day when we needed it. You never left our side, and you were worth your weight in gold!"

-Teresa, Frank and baby Frank Jr.


"I just really want to thank you so much for all you did for me and my baby boy. thank you for totally going out of your way to be there for me. Thanks for answering my questions time, after time, after time, after time. You gave me your 100% and I will never ever forget what you did for me and my baby. Katie, there will never be a way for me to repay you or thank you enough, but from the bottom of my heart, with all my heart, thank you so much."

-Rosie, 1st Lt. Jeremiah (who was stationed in Iraq at the time of his son's birth) and baby Seth


"I wanted to thank you for being an awesome doula! When you arrived, you were able to get me refocused and were a source of strength for me all night. I especially fed off your strength at the end when I was pushing. I don't remember now what you said to me but I remember just knowing we were almost there and I did not doubt the outcome. I will be forever grateful for your help during Megan's birth!!"

-Penny, Zie and baby Sakbae


"We just wanted to thank you for your generosity, love and support with the birth of Sage. The Universe provided you at the right time. Although there is no way we can repay you for your work, we will continue to support your ambitions and recommend you to others who are in need of your doula (and soon to be) midwife services!"                                

-Chyra, Anton and baby Sage


"Thanks so much for being a part of Shreeya's birth! You really and truly added to an environment that I felt was afe and you gave me strength to go along with the power I felt."

-Justine and baby Shreeya


"I've been waiting until I saw you again to let you know how much I truly appreciate your help when I was delivering Francesca. Your coaching really did help me to push her out! Even now my mind thinks back to her birth, and I remember everything, and I am so proud of how I brought her into the world. It fills me with wonder and happiness that you were a part of that. Thank you for taking such good care of me."

-Jamie and baby Francesca