Home Birth Supplies

Please select the items you need for your home birth below. Choose only those things you don't already have on hand. Brands may vary. Your midwife will hand deliver the items if you are a current client. Please order by 34 weeks to allow enough time to get the supplies to you prior to 36 weeks.


Home birth supply kit should be ordered by 34 weeks so you have the supplies at your 36 week visit. We will deliver them to you at that visit. You are still responsible for providing the other items listed in your practice manual. The kit you order here includes: sitz bath herbs, 50 non-sterile gloves, 24 chux pads, 12 OB pads, 11 gauze pads, 12 alcohol pads, 1 custom cord tie, 1 peri-bottle, 1 plastic bed cover, 6 pairs of sterile gloves, arnica, hibiclens scrub brush, 6 lube packets, bulb syringe, 2 sterilization pouches, 2 depends, 1 heel lancets.


Optional Items:

Afterbirth Pain Ease Tincture

Herbal tincture to help manage postpartum contractions. Consider if this is not your first pregnancy.


Rice sock

For pain relief in labor.


Extra Sitz bath herbs

Sitz bath herbs come in your birth kig, but order here if you'd like more than enough for one bath. Hand picked, wild foraged from here in New England. All organic. For postpartum soaking.



All natural sore nipple balm in a chapstick tube! Easy to apply!