Water Birth Supplies

In ADDITION to the required home birth supplies, please order the following if you're planning a water birth.
Select only those items you need. If you are a current client, your midwife will hand deliver them to you at your prenatal visit.

REQUIRED Birth Kit for Waterbirth

If you are planning to use a waterbirth tub, please order this kit IN ADDITION to the required birth kit. You are still responsible for purchasing any connectors/adaptors you need to connect the hose to your tub. We will supply the tub, air pump and sump pump at no additional charge. This kit contains: pool liner, fishnet, floating thermometer, drinking water hose, waterproof floor protector and duct tape. 


Optional Items:

One Towel

You'll need 12-16 old towels for water birth. Order what you don't already have.


Universal ("T" shaped faucet) adapter

This adapter will fit most "T" shaped faucets.