Water Birth Supplies

In ADDITION to the required home birth supplies, please order the following if you're planning a water birth.
Select only those items you need. If you are a current client, your midwife will hand deliver them to you at your prenatal visit.

REQUIRED Birth Kit for Waterbirth

If you are planning to use a waterbirth tub, please order this kit IN ADDITION to the required birth kit.  This kit contains: pool liner, fishnet, floating thermometer, 25 ft drinking water hose and duct tape. Also included, but required to be returned to us: birthing tub, standard adapter for hose, floor protector for under the tub, and air pump. The midwives carry a sump pump with them to drain the tub after birth. This kit will need to be picked up by you from one of our offices and you must return the returnable items to us at your 1 week in office postpartum visit.


Optional Items:

25' drinking water hose

Purchase this to extend the 25' that comes in the standard waterbirth kit.


  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days